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Discover Our Passion for Pets and Learn About Our Story.



Nurturing Happy, Healthy Pets and Elevating Pet Care with Our Unwavering Motto: "WE LOVE PETS"


To do research and development for our pet products focusing on having great nutrition to maximize our customer satisfaction.


To be number one in manufacturer and distributor of goods. Our vision aims to improve better quality of life and good mental healthy of our customer by doing business with good governance.


"Good for your pet” is what we put on our products under Goodies and Delicio brand.


Pets are family that is why we try our best to provide the best products which promote better health for longer great time among family.

Treat your pets with love

Pets can add fun, companionship and a feeling of safety to your life. Before getting a pet, think carefully about which animal is best for your family. What is each family member looking for in a pet? Who will take care of it? Does anyone have pet allergies? What type of animal suits your lifestyle and budget? Once you own a pet, keep it healthy. We as Goodies and Delicio pet treat are dedicated to providing our pet products to help you give your pet a healthy, happy life. Whether you're looking for treats with nutrition, dental care, bakery, jerky, chews, or etc., Goodies and Delicio treats are what you can trust and be confident in.

Goodies begin with years of love and affection for pets as such we have quite a few tricks and tips for pleasing our pets, especially our dogs. We want to spoil them with treats but then we also want to give them not only treats but Goodie treats. So we started off with our dental formula to help with problems with bad breath and gingivitis.

Goodies products are now available for dogs, cats, and small animals such as Goodies, Bite Smile, Sardiner, and Wild Harvest Treat.

Our teams with the research and study by the Veterinarian Faculty of Chulalongkorn University have proved that statistically, our dental treats help reduce plaque and gingivitis problem and so better breath. From there, our continuous effort in product development has broadened our product range from dental products to functional treats. Some of our new formulas include Our Joint and Bone formula with New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel riches in glucosamine and chondroitin, Our Obesity formula, Our Skin and Coat formula with Golden Flax Seed riches in omega 3 and 6, and Our Natural Chlorophyll formula from Alfalfa.